WV Early Childhood Transition Steering Committee

The key agencies of the Early Childhood Transition Steering Committee are WV Birth to Three, WV Department of Education, WV Head Start, WV Division of Early Care and Education and WV WIC. Their websites are listed below and are an excellent source for legal requirements, information and resources.

WV Birth to Three
WV Department of Education
WV Head Start
WV Division of Early Care and Education

OUR VISION - Local communities in West Virginia will have effective transition policies and practices for all young children ages birth to five years that will:

  • Maximize positive outcomes for children through effective early childhood programs that are compatible as the child moves from one program to another
  • Foster positive ongoing relationships between families and professionals and among participating agencies
  • Result in a smooth transition process for children, families, and involved agencies

OUR MISSION - We are state and local agencies and family representatives representing the Birth to Three System, Head Start, Department of Education, child care and other related entities. We work toward our vision through providing supports for effective transitions at the local level including:

  • Annual Statewide Conference
  • Products, Training and Technical Assistance Materials
  • Information Dissemination via:
    1. Annual Statewide Conference

Our targets for these supports include:

  • Local interagency early childhood transition teams
  • Local agency administrative and program staff
  • Families

Resources and Products:

The WV Early Childhood Transition Steering Committee has developed resources and products to help local communities support the transition of young children and their families from one program to another. You can obtain these by downloading them from this website.