Extended School Year Position Paper - This paper presents issues and options associated with extended school year (ESY) for young children.

Individualized Family Service Plan/Individualized Education Program Comparison - This document provides a side-by-side comparison of the program components of the Individualized Family Service Plan (birth through two years) and the Individualized Education Program (three to five years).

WV Side-by-Side Description of Agency Responsibilities - This 3 column chart lists legal requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C (for WV Birth to Three); IDEA, Part B (for preschool special education), and Head Start Performance Standards. Requirements are organized according to 12 areas of collaboration: (1) family involvement; (2) child outreach/child find; (3) service eligibility; (4) individual program planning; (5) primary and related services; (6) service delivery; (7) resource sharing; (8) transition; (9) confidentiality; (10) records transfer; (11) joint staff training; and (12) sharing child count data.

WV Early Childhood Community Collaboration Strategies - This is a companion document to the legal side-by-side which identifies effective practice for community collaboration around various areas of collaboration including Service Delivery in settings which to the maximum extent possible, are in natural settings typical for the age of the child and which educate children with disabilities along with children without disabilities.

Early Signs of Vision and Hearing Impairments/Making Reading Enjoyable (2-page handout)