Celebrating Connections Handouts

As our presenters submit their handouts, we will post them below. If there are no documents linked below your session number, then the presenter has not yet submitted their resources. Documents will be uploaded as we receive them. Thank you for your patience.


A-01 Using Play-based and Routine-based Observation…
A-02 Infant and Toddler Trauma…
Handout 1
A-03 Nurturing the Substance-Exposed Young Family…
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Handout 2
Handout 3
Handout 4
Handout 5
Handout 6
Handout 7
Handout 8
A-04 CAPS Poverty Simulation
A-05 How to Incorporate Low Tech AAC Throughout Your Day…
A-06 Just Follow The Leader…
B-01 Continuing a Conversation About Race
B-02 Journey of Hope for Caregivers, Facilitator Training
C-01 Come! Design! Activities to Promote Economic Success…
C-02 Reflection Through the Arts…
Handout 1


  Thursday Keynote Handout
D-01 Sensory Processing Disorder 101
Handout 1
D-02 Psychology in the Pre-K Classroom
D-03 Switch Access: What is it…
D-04 Facilitating Transitions of Children and Families from WV-BTT…
Handout 1
D-05 Feltboard Fun
Handout 1
D-06 Fun Transition Techniques for Your Pre-K Classroom
Handout 1
D-07 Early Head Start’s Approach…
Handout 1
D-08 Resilience: The Biology of Stress…
Handout 1
Handout 2
D-09 Impact of Vision and Hearing Impairment…
D-10 Creating Stories with STEAM
D-11 Create Your Own Calm (Part 1)
D-12 Supporting Literacy Behaviors in the Early Childhood Classroom
D-13 Home Visitor Safety
E-01 ACDS Policy and Curriculum Updates
E-02 Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood…
E-03 Reflection through the Arts…
Handout 1
E-04 Put Me in Coach…
Handout 1
E-05 Building Meaningful Experiences with STEAM
E-06 Breastfeeding Basics
E-07 Building Social Skills and Understanding for Children with Autism…
E-08 Own Your Focus: Techniques to Dramatically…
E-09 When Survivors of Abuse Become Parents
E-10 Moving with Books, Props, and Songs
E-11 Create Your Own Calm (Part 2)
E-12 ACES and Resiliency in Early Childhood…


  Spotlight Presentation - Nurturing Next Generation Innovators
F-01 Sensory Processing Disorder 101
Handout 1
F-02 It Takes a Villiage…
F-03 The Arts as an Approach to Learning
F-04 Assistive Technology and Transitions: What’s the Plan?
F-05 The Idea Bank- Inspiration to Action
Handout 1
F-06 How We Talk with Children and the Art of Asking…
Handout 1
F-07 River Valley CARES: Bringing it Together
F-08 Embracing the Concept of STEAM…”
F-09 The Early Start Denver Model- An Overview
Handout 1
F-10 Managing Your Early Childhood Program PAS (Part 1)
F-11 What Happens to Children When Parents Go To Prison (Part 1)
  Handout 1
F-12 Helping Children with Math and Science Thinking
F-13 Leadership in Action
G-01 It’s a Sensory Rich World! Let’s Get Out and Play!
Handout 1
G-02 Parents as Leaders: Ready for the Challenge?
G-03 Inclusive Play
G-04 What’s Hiding in the Box? iPad Accessibility
G-05 Implementing Activities for Preschoolers and their Families…
G-06 WV Resources for Serving Infants and Toddlers…
G-07 Empowering Positive Behavior Through Supportive Environments
G-08 Visual Supports in Action…
Handout 1
Handout 2
G-09 Supporting Families through Miscarriage and Infant Loss
G-10 Managing Your Early Childhood Program PAS (Part 2)
G-11 What Happens to Children When Parents Go To Prison (Part 2)
G-12 You Are Special
Handout 1
G-13 New Opportunities with WV STARS…