Celebrating Connections Handouts

As our presenters submit their handouts, we will post them below. Not all presenters are required this year to submit their handouts ahead of time. It will become mandatory for our 2017 conference, but for now if your link is not activated, then the presenter has not yet submitted their resources. Thank you for your patience.


A-01 Conversations that Count: Supporting New Families
A-02 Using Reflection and Relationship to Build Cultural Competence
  A2_A Tomlin
  A2_handout 2_ A Tomlin
A-03 Using Play-Based and Routine-Based Observation to Examine Executive Function in Young Children
A-04 Create Your Own Calm in a Sometimes Crazy World
A-05 The Impact of Trauma on the Developing Brain
A-06 Reflective Supervision and Self-Care for the Home Visitor
B-01 Growing Healthy Kids in the Early Care and Education Setting
B-02 ECPBIS and the Link Between Social and Emotional Development
  B2_A Carlson
C-01 Continuing A Conversation About Race and Other 'isms'
  C1_L Stone
  C1_L Stone_handout 2
C-02 "I Have Something to Say!" - Speech-Language Pathologists and Preschool Teachers Working Together to Give All Children Opportunities to Communicate


D-01 Let's Have a Ball
  D1_J St.Martin
  D1_J St.Martin_handout 2
D-02 Impact of Parental Depression on Children
D-03 Misconceptions of Poverty
D-04 Utilizing Children's Literature in Developing STEM and STEAM Activities
D-05 More than Cues:  Using Visual Supports to facilitate Learning and Self-regulation
  D5_T Wohleber Jones
  D5_handout 2_T Wohleber Jones
  D5_handout 3_T Wohleber Jones
D-06 Healthy Connections Coalition at RV CARES- a community's response to help substance-exposed babies and their families to have an equal opportunity at a full and happy life
D-07 Creative Art Activities for Learning and Growing
  D7_N Cheshire
D-08 Stories, Songs, and Organized Movement: Emphasis on kids with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders
D-09 Why Can't We Be Friends? Ethics in Home Visiting and Use of Social Media
  D9_E Hines_C Raches
D-10 Yoga in the Classroom: Yoga for Everybody and Every Body
D-11 Healthy Eating in Infants and Young Children
D-12 Building Bridges for Community Impact
  D12_B Decker
E-01 What Happens to Children with Parents Go to Prison
  E1_A Tomlin
E-02 Sign Language with Books and Music
  E2_J St.Martin
  E2_J St.Martin_handout 2
  E2_J St.Martin_handout 3
  E2_J St.Martin_handout 4
E-03 Building Foundations for Economic Success in Young Children and Adults in Appalachia
  E3_L Stone
  E3_L Stone_handout 2
  E3_L Stone_handout 3
E-04 Engage Them: Strategies to Spark Learning, & Communication
E-05 Moving and Learning Strategies to Increase Instructional Support
E-06 TBI and Challenging Behaviors in Children
E-07 Advancing Development by Living Full Out
E-08 ECPBS Detectives: Decoding Everyday Behaviors
E-09 Working with Difficult Families: Lessons in Self-Care for Early Childhood Providers
  E9_E Hines_C Raches
E-10 Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood- WV Project Learning Tree
E-11 How Professionals Can Collaborate Together and with Families to Provide Comprehensive Support to Recovery
  E11_J Zukowski
  E11_J Zukowski_handout 2
  E11_J Zukowski_handout 3
  E11_J Zukowski_handout 4
  E11_J Zukowski_handout 5


F-01 Relationships Matter: Reach Children with Challenging Behaviors and Build Their Prosocial Skills
  F1_M Lynn White
F-02 Thinking Outside the Box with Behavior: Transforming with Calming Spaces
F-03 A Sad Mad Glad World: Providing Kids Character for the Future
F-04 Resources for Students with Sensory Impairments
F-05 First Person First: Cultivating Habits for Self-Care (Part 1)
F-06 Through Her Eyes
  F7_J Sparrow
  F7_J Sparrow_handout 2
  F7_J Sparrow_handout 3
  F7_J Sparrow_handout 4
  F7_J Sparrow_handout 5
  F7_J Sparrow_handout 6
  F7_J Sparrow_handout 7
F-08 Balancing Act: Overcoming Adultitis Amidst the Stress of Everyday
F-09 PAWS to READ with Izzi: Our Journey with a Therapy Literacy Dog
G-01 Tag, You're It! Member of a Child's Education Team! Parents as Leaders.
G-02 What is Infant Mental Health?
  G2_S Zickefoose_M Rollyson
G-03 What Can We do for Afterschool?
G-04 The Importance of Everyday Adaptations for Inclusion: A Parent Panel
This session has been CANCELLED. If you pre-registered for this session, please visit on-site registration upon arrival at the conference to select a new session.
G-05 First Person First: Cultivating Habits for Self-Care (Part 2)
G-06 Handle With Care
G-07 Keeping WV Babies Safe: What Parents and Providers Need to Know Now
G-08 Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS)
G-09 Sensory Solutions in the Classroom
  G9_C Terry