Celebrating Connections Handouts

As our presenters submit their handouts, we will post them below. Not all presenters are required this year to submit their handouts ahead of time. It will become mandatory for our 2017 conference, but for now if your link is not activated, then the presenter has not yet submitted their resources. Thank you for your patience.



Thursday - AM Sessions

  • Keynote "Putting the Pieces Back Together: Reconnecting the Whole Child"

  • B-01 "A Conversation About Race"

  • B-02 "Ask the Nurse"

  • B-03 "Strategies for Working with High Needs Families in Home Visiting"

  • B-04 "Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)"

  • B-05 "AT 101: Assistive Technology Basics"

  • B-06 "Establishing a Culture of Safety"

  • B-07 "Feltboard Fun"

  • B-08 "Building Language from the Child Up"

  • B-09 "The Formative Assessment Process"

  • B-10 "Child Care Regulations Update - What you need to Know"

  • B-11 "Nurturing Creative Thinkers with Intriguing Possibilities"

  • B-12 "A Trauma Informed Approach to Home Visiting"

  • B-13 "Building Blocks of STEM Education"

  • B-14 "Oral Health Best Practices for Children: Tips and Tools for my community"

Thursday - PM Sessions

  • C-01 "Tackling the Tough Stuff: Relationships that Support Change"

  • C-02 "Measuring what matters: Family Outcomes"

  • C-03 "Using ABA Principles to Maximize Progress in Early Intervention"

  • C-04 "Family Centered Care: Connecting with Families of Children with Special Needs"

  • C-05 "Managing Challening Behaviors and Effectively working with parents in Home Visiting"

  • C-06 "There is a Deaf Child in My Classroom - Now What Do I Do?"

  • C-07 "Students who are nonverbal and Minimally Verbal in your Classroom - Now What?"

  • C-08 "Blended Practices for Supporting All Children in Inclusive Early childhood Settings"

  • C-09 "Tell Stories that Extend Young Children's Imagination, Understanding and Retelling"

  • C-10 "Beautiful, Powerful and Important Learning: Implementing a Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach in West Virginia"

  • C-11 "Early Literacy for all Children"

  • C-12 "I AM MOVING, I AM LEARNING: Strategies to Increase Instructional Support"

  • C-13 "The Revised and Updated ABC's of Infant Safety"

  • C-14

  • C-15

Friday - AM Sessions

  • Keynote "Hello World!: Embracing Diversity"

  • D-01 "The Importance of Non-Verbal and Pre-Verbal Communication"

  • D-02 "Look What We Did with Freebies! Creating Activities for Preschool"

  • D-03 "WV STARS Trainer Tips and Tricks (Focusing on making the New System work for Trainers)"

  • D-04 "Working Together to Serve Families Experiencing Homelessness"

  • D-05 "HELP... My Child Won't Eat"

  • D-06 "Linking Health, Nutrition and Oral Health to Early Learning"

  • D-07 "Teaching Social Stories to Children with Autism"

  • D-08 "Using music to Build a Happy, Caring and Connected Classroom"

  • D-09 "Teaching Individual Outcomes to Young Children using Embedded Learning Opportunities"

  • D-10 "Maternal Mental Health: making West Virginia a Better Place to be a Mom"

  • D-11 "Impact of Sensory Loss On Child Development and Learning"

  • D-12 "Poisoned? Not Sure? Poison Safety and Poison Education for Children"

  • D-13 "What can We Do for Afterschool?"

  • D-14

Friday - PM Sessions

  • E-01 "Progress on the Pathway: How the New WVSTARS Pathway Advancement Scholarship can Help You"

  • E-02 "WV STARS Participants Guide Through the System"

  • E-03 "Kids Get Arthritis Too"

  • E-04 "Facilitating Transitions of Children and Families From WV BTT to Pre-K"

  • E-05 "What's So Important About Oral Health?"

  • E-06 "Earlier Diagnosis of Autism: Act Early. Learn the Signs Campaign."

  • E-07 "Creating Artwork on a Budget"

  • E-08 "Who wants to Feel Like a Child Care Millionaire?"

  • E-09 "Let's Move"

  • E-10 "Bright Spots Along the Campaign Trail"

  • E-11 "Strategies for Positive Behaviors"

  • E-12 "Substance Use Recovery and the Family"

  • E-13 "Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome"

  • E-14